About Remora Sports

The Remora Glove Saver Pocket Ball was designed with the idea of breaking in a glove, prolonging the life span of your glove and maintaining the glove’s integrity (keeping the shape of the glove). We use actual baseballs, 12 inch softballs and 14 inch oversize softballs in our products. We believe that the use of actual baseballs and softballs creates the best pocket possible. Players use many different methods to break in gloves, however, they all use a ball with some sort of strap (2 pieces ie. ball and rubber band) to form the pocket. Our patented design incorporates the ball and strap into one unit. Since the pocket ball is one unit, there is nothing to misplace or lose. Whatever method you use to break in the glove, our products will help you form and keep the pocket. We are the only company that offers 3 different size balls so that the player can pick and choose what type of pocket they prefer. Insert the strap through the webbing, position the ball in the pocket, close the glove and wrap the strap around the glove.

Meet the Team

Kyle Fujisaki

President of Remora Sports

Kyle is the “The Master Mind” of the Pocket Ball. He is currently enrolled at California Lutheran College, where he is playing baseball and majoring in Business Management/Entrepreneurship

Rick Fujusaki

CEO of Remora Sports

Rick assisted Kyle with the development of the Pocket Ball and together they made an idea become a reality.

Remora Sports

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